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Oil leakage breather pipe
After a long search for a TR2, the time had finally come. In 2008 we had a barnfind of a complete Triumph TR2 longdoor in Belgium. The TR2 had been in the barn for over 10 years. It took a lot of effort to get it on the trailer, the brakes were rusted on the drums.  After he was in the garage at our house, we investigated him further. The bonnet could not be opened because the locking device did not release. After removing the headlight we were able to reach the locking device by hand and after a lot of effort we could open the closure. The motor was still rotating by hand. Everything seemed to be complete and original, except for the cylinder head, which was a highport, which was used on later types. After applying for the Heritage Certificate, it turned out that the TR2 original had been black. It was shipped to America. The upholstery was the color Germanium, and as options he had a mile counter and heater. The year of manufacture was May 1954 and is a longdoor version. After consideration we decided to restore it completely and bring it back to its original state. There were a few parts not original, such as the oil filter, this was of the later type. There was no grab trade black coated. The ignition was of the later type and there was a later type of ignition coil in it, and as already mentioned the cylinder head was a high port. In the restoration period which took about 4 years, these parts were replaced by the original parts. The body looked good, but after stripping the sheet metal we found some badly repaired parts. All bad parts were replaced by as many original parts as possible. Parts of the body parts that were no longer available were hand crafted. The engine was completely overhauled with the only adjustment being a crankshaft seal on the clutch side. There is also a lowport cylinder head placed. The current distributor with coil and the oil filter have been replaced by the original one. The gearbox and diff are also overhauled. The old wiring harness was bad and can no longer be trusted. We therefore chose (to) install a new one in the same version. During the restoration period we tried to restore as much as possible, in order to gain as much experience as possible . The only thing that has been outsourced is the paintshop of the TR.
To be continued........

Oil leakage Shock absorbers
Oil leakage Fuel pump
Ignition coil